The Power of Curiosity

My mission is to help individuals and organizatios to free and fokus the superpower of curiosity. I been working as trainer and coach over 20 years and its been a fantastic deep dive to kingdom of curiosity. I have also recenty published my new book about curiosity focusing specially in organisational level.

So, what kind superpower curiosity actually is?

First of all we need rethink curiosity. There is not only one type of curiosity as peope usually think. I have found in my research considering my book, that there are two types of curiosity. Professor Todd Kashdan, who is one of my heroes in the field of curiosity, have found up to five ways to be curious. But let´s keep this simpler.

First type is easy as fly of butterfly. You see something that makes your curious – a new book in bookstore or new product in your competitors online store and thats it. You are curious. This is, above all, an emotional experience.

Type number two is little bit – or sometimes lot of – harder to handlle. It´s goal-orientated, there is need for planning and demad of mental energy. For exampe, you could deside that today, in your meetings, you use only open questions. Or in seminar coming next week, you start conversation with three people whom you don´t know before and pitch them your idea great business idea. That´s curiosity type number two. Its also an emotianal experience, but also much more action-oriented thing.

Curiosity is skill and its attitude. Good news are: Skill is something that you can of course practise. And attitude is something that you are able to choose. But of course, you need an ongoing practising if you wish to master your curiosity.

How about attitude? As we all know, changing attitudes is hard and demanding. Some people could think that is nearly impossible. But not us! A great starting point is to start knowing yourself. Which are your beliefs and values behing your attitude? What is meaning of your curiosity? What do you want to change with your curiosity?

It´s inspiring when you find out what makes your collage curious, you find out also connetion beetween curiosity and values. So curiosity is so called engine of valuesystem. And that makes it also the superpower.

The common problem is that we don’t know what makes us curious. That is surprising but true. We have to keep interested in what we think and feel. It should be an ongoing and living process.

Curiosity is an act of appreciation. It helps people connect and build trust between each other.

That is the way to create a better future together.


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